Meet the Team

Not just colleagues, but first of all lifelong friends, that kind of friends who only need to look to each other to understand what’s the matter, who share their passions, who don’t worry about saying each other what they think, because they do know their feeling will stay unchanged.

This is Galanthea’s heartbeat, the soul which drives our big Production Machine.

A number of other professionals cooperate with the Core Team, figures strengthened in the team: persons, first and foremost, you can always count on, who agreed with our quality standards and, why not, with our brightness…Because we are fully convinced that, to do things well, three ingredients are necessary at least:

Ability, Diligence, Serenity.

The Core Team

Alessandra Moretti

Managing Partner Operations, CEO

Fabrizio Lello

Managing Partner, Creative Director

Alfredo Grassi

Managing Partner, Executive Producer




What we Like


We like to create exciting and attractive contexts, moments when people live the poetry of a show created specially for them and the success achieved by our customers in the events we produce for them, give us a great satisfaction.

We like to make even the most institutional and “austere” event, enchanting and enjoyable.

Yes, we love to be proud of our job, this is why we do it with a thorough dedication.