GalantheaTM is a charming little creature, born of the infinite imaginations of our creative team. She is the Fairy Godmother of royal feasts, bountiful banquets, and princely balls. She is a sprite who, with her magical touch, imbues today's exclusive events with the beauty, elegance, romance, and poetry of history's most beloved fairytales.

The wonders of the senses that our technical and artistic expertise are able to bring to life, in bygone days could have only been explained as magic. And yet, even today, “magical” remains the best way to describe the impeccable results of our elite organizational and artistic staff's alchemy. Gathering the finest in technical resources, ideas, experience, and passion, a mere event becomes, instead, a journey of wonder and enchantment. An exciting and unexpected phenomenon, that in the mechanics of piecing an occasion together, instead an air of magic is born, creating its own momentum, unexplainable by mere logic. As we work on its creation, behind the scenes we find ourselves transported, as well, by an air of something intangible and spectacular.

Galanthea, then, is the essence of timeless wonder and marvel, and keeping her spirit alive allows us to cast a spell of wonder on even our most modern events.

For this reason our company's identity is best reflected in the symbol of this mythical, imaginary, creature, as she, more than anything else, represents the limitless imagination and touch of timeless elegance which define our work.

So much so that we consider her also our Muse, sagely guiding the work of our creative staff and of all our partners, to craft together perfection for your event, with the common thread remaining always: a touch of magic.

And from Galanthea's influence, we present events infused with poetry and art and beauty...after all, we are Italian, and the greatest artistic minds of all time are our heritage to summon for our work. We believe that the most exquisite events are the products of every man and woman's desire to dream, to see those dreams crafted in to liveable moments, and to share those moments with his fellows. As we are all, at our very core, our own best dreamweavers...

So you will be the ultimate creator of Galanthea's vision for your event.

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