Mondo di Galanthea

Galanthea launches its comprehensive 2017 campaign with a full spread in the luxury publication Excellence!

2017 marks the beginning of a partnership with this exclusive magazine, an incomparable go-to resource for the most elite in Business and Lifestyle ( We carefully chose to team up with Excellence due to its impeccable reputation in meeting the needs of an international readership, forever raising the bar for the standards of a high-end lifestyle. Their worldwide presence and image perfectly reflects our own company values of tireless striving for perfection and for the complete satisfaction of our clients. Not a boastful pride, but the actual dedication and hard-earned recognition which comes from our unflagging work to stay on top of market trends, formulate our own, lead in innovation, and always keep our sights set on the horizon with long-term planning. It is this which places Galanthea in a league of her own, and gives her the ability to elevate entire communities to ever higher levels of excellence.

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