Your Imagination, Our Magic



Each exclusive event of ours is a new brand story, dreamed up and created in every detail.

We don't think in terms of  “standard solutions": the organizer’s intentions, the style, the message, the budget, the scope vary for each customer and our task is to design, based on these elements, something unique and personal.

The approach, the planning methods and the production procedures only can be considered standard:

from the initial concept to final production, we carry the event trough the “live direction”.

The first phase is suggested by our Creatives and defined with the customer;

then, the Production machine gets started and, together with the Artistic Direction, takes care of the manufacturing of the scenic design,  graphics and audio-visuals, as well as of all the technical aspects such as selecting the talents and arranging for choreographies, rehearsals, …while the Logistic department deals with all the aspects concerning the location, coordinates with the banqueting service, fulfills the administrative work, and so on. Therefore, this phase consists of turning into reality the concept in all its elements.

The final phase takes place during the live of the event, when every moment and action is coordinated and directed by our Directing Team, according to accurate Production Plans and event Storyboard, as used in movie and television industry.




Two different fields, each one with specific communicational and emotional needs. More “technical” sometimes the earliest, more “fabulous” the latest.

Two means of expressions that, in the “self-created” reality of an event, can often blend. The “fairy-tale” can be “narrated” in a classical or in a contemporary way, its magic can have the romantic flavor of everlasting classics or the dynamic taste of the contemporary era of sounds and images, giving, in any case, extraordinary emotions. As well as a technical event can engage and amaze with a unexpected touch of magic…



Exclusive hotels, private luxury van and limousine transport, personalized assistance for every necessity awaits you and your guests. It is our privilege to make sure your every need is seen to during your event with us.


We will prepare your gathering in ornate palaces, royal mansions, and exquisite historical villas, in modern, high tech and high design locations of prestige, or find a unique solution to the very special needs and visions of your event. No matter the decision, you and your guests will gather in places of exquisite beauty and exclusive access.


Elaborate culinary choreography by the most renown chefs and in-demand food designers will delight the palate of you and your group.


Musicians, performance artists, dancers, internationally acclaimed recording artists, and your specific requests for entertainment all expertly coordinated by our elite Artistic Direction.


Enchantment abounds, in every detail. Every caress of the senses designed to delight and create memories of a living fairytale.