A very special place awaits you. A tiny, breathtaking corner of the world, where your fairy-tale dreams can come true...

Italy is an extraordinary feast of heart-thumping, soul-stirring art, food and landscapes rivalled by few and coveted by millions.

Its culture has been forged across millenniums by the most ancient civilizations, it’s the cradle of famous poets, writers, navigators and is unarguably one of the most romantic countries in the World.

It’s magic, romance, natural beauty but also…wine, pasta, pizza, parmesan cheese, espresso and the smiles of its warm and hospitable people…the real Mediterranean unique mood, where it’s hard not to fall madly in love.



Best known in the Wedding industry, Destination Events represent an occasion also for those Companies who wish their guests to live a special experience.

They usually roll over several days, during which we make the guests to experience unique moments in the most exclusive italian locations. Every day is an event apart, framed once by a historic site, once by a cult location and always accompanied, according to our high standards, by special atmospheres, handled up to the last detail.

For the guests, this kind of event begins in the moment they arrive to the town where it is taking place. Here we welcome them in an unparalleled way, made of gestures and attentions.

Therefore we also take care of the organization and management of their whole stay: pick-up with luxury vans or cars from the airport, port or rail-station; lodging in elite hotels; customized assistance for any need.