Behind the Scene of the Galanthea Ball

Lugano, 19 October 2017. The Galanthea Ball, produced by Galanthea in collaboration with Excellence Magazine.Luxury and Villa Principe Leopoldo, delighted the illustrious guests with its unique feeling. The performances offered by the dancer of Teatro San Carlo of Naples Roberta Siciliano, the soprano Ariadne, the tenor Carmelo Sorce and the soul-funky duet Double Soul, all accompanied by evocative projections, were truly a kind of magic. The runway of one of the top fashion brands from Florence, Eleonora Lastrucci, also contributed to realize the perfect mood… her fabulous gowns that models of Petra Peters agency wore, looked like fluttering along with the beat of the music and the 3D effects of autumn  leaves, blowing in a “virtual” wind… in fact, that wind didn’t ruffle the beatiful hairstyle made by  Riccardo Tesse. This important event has been enhanced by the presence of prestigious companies, such as Lauro & Partners, Lauro & Giavatto, Chiancianesi & Longoni, International Trading Company, Kessel Auto, Nunzio La Vecchia Watches e Corte Italiana. All of them have been acknowledged and received a special thank by the patroness of the gala, the actress Jessica Polsky. Here we are going to show you some "behind the scene" pictures, moments captured before the kick-off, and other of the live shows.

Art Director Fabrizio Lello briefed the models before the runway

models rehearsal

models rehearsal

Talents and some member of the Galanthea production team in the green room

Eleonora Lastrici,Galanthea Ball

Eleonora Lastrucci runway at Galanthea Ball

Roberta Siciliano,Galanthea Ball

Roberta Siciliano at Galanthea Ball

Ariadne,Galanthea Ball

Ariadne, lyric DJ at welcome cocktail

Villa PrincipeLeopoldo,Galanthea Ball

The Harvest Moon on Villa Principe Leopoldo at Galanthea Ball

Double Soul

Double Soul, the sparkling funky duo Phil Perbellini and Sam Lorenzini

Jessica Polsky,Galanthea Ball

Jessica Polsky, the Patroness of Galanthea Ball