Galanthea designs and produces elegant and exclusive corporate and private events.

From the imagination of our creatives the ideas arise and with the expertise of our producers they shape up.

Our mission: captivate, whatever the occasion is. And doing that with the perfect framework, the comprehensive atmosphere, the emotions raised by our great talents who produce specially-made performances, the excellence of the flavors that only first-rate chefs and all the estimators of the continuous research in the field of tasting can achieve and the value of an impeccable service.

When a child Mozart, intent in composing a symphony, was asked what he was doing, he answered: “I’m looking for notes that like each other”. Our notes we look for in “composing” an event are images, are details, colors, elements…the whole resonates as a symphony and wraps, engages and amazes.

 Galanthea is here to bring your custom-made fairytale to life.

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